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5 Must-Read Musician Memoirs!

Written by Ashley Parham. Published: January 20 2024


If you're a reader who loves music, you should consider reading a memoir from your favorite musician. Artists of all genres, from careers spanning many decades, have published memoirs through the years. These books provide unique personal insight into the lives and careers of musicians. To get you started on your musical reading journey, here are 5 of the best memoirs from musical artists published in the 2020s!


1. The Woman In Me by Britney Spears (2023)

The Woman In Me is definitely the most talked-about memoir of the decade so far. All eyes were on Britney Spears in 2019 when the #FreeBritney movement began in reaction to the news of how Spears was being affected by the conservatorship her family placed her under. After she was released from the restrictive conservatorship in 2021, everyone wanted to hear her story, and Spears wanted to tell it. The book has sold over 2 million copies in the United States and has received positive reviews from readers and critics. In the memoir, Spears discusses her family history, her rise to fame, and her time in the spotlight. She sheds light on her private struggles as well as the things the media sensationalized. The book also covers her very public relationships and breakups. Any fan of Spears will gain a better understanding of her through this book. We hope the writing experience has brought clarity and catharsis to Spears. After everything, she is deserving of peace, healing, and the right to live her life as she sees fit. 


2. The Storyteller by Dave Grohl (2021)

Dave Grohl is a widely beloved and influential rock artist. His memoir shares stories from his childhood before diving into his musical history. Grohl talks about playing music in the punk-rock scene before joining the grunge-defining band,Nirvana. The book is a love letter to music. Grohl is a person that lives and breathes music. His passion is so apparent from his work in the Foo Fighters as well as all of his various music ventures over the decades. This book further demonstrates the joy music brings him. His stories of meeting his idols bring you into the love and emotion he has for his fellow musicians. The stories Grohl tells are generally upbeat, and the book is very pleasant to read. Grohl is such a well-respected figure in rock music, and his stories are exactly what you would expect from him. Whether you’re familiar with him as a person or just a fan of his music, this memoir is a treat to read.


3. Rememberings by Sinéad O’ Connor (2021)

Sinéad O’ Connor was an Irish singer with a rebellious spirit and a passion for advocacy. In 2021, just two years prior to her untimely death, she published her memoirRememberings. The book provides details of her turbulent childhood and struggles as she rose to fame. It also contextualizes the controversies of her career and her fights against oppressive institutions. The memoir is a more bittersweet read now that O’ Connor is deceased, but this memoir provides a way to remember who she was and what she stood for in her own words. The book sheds light on her relationship with religion, from struggling with organized religion to embracing spirituality. Sinéad O’ Connor was a strong woman. She was outspoken about her beliefs, and she gave the world some truly beautiful music. It is a gift to have this book available as a part of her legacy.


4. None of this Rocks by Joe Trohman (2022)

If you’re a pop-punk music fan or have an interest in the 2000s music scene,None of this Rocks is a must-read. In 2022, Joe Trohman released a memoir containing memories from his childhood, his rise to fame as the guitarist of Fall Out Boy, and his struggles with mental health and substance abuse. He talks about how his introduction to Chicago’s hardcore music scene led to him joining forces with Pete Wentz, meeting Patrick Stump, and havingAndy Hurley as the band’s last missing puzzle piece. Trohman illuminates the highs and lows of his life. There’s plenty of information about Fall Out Boy but also a lot about Trohman’s other ventures and journey with finding his musical identity. The story can get dark at times, but Trohman’s humor shines through nonetheless. This book is approachable for anyone with an interest in musical memoirs even if you aren’t previously knowledgeable about Trohman. Plus, there are details that even the most dedicated fans wouldn't previously know, which makes this book captivating for everyone. 


5. The Sporty One by Melanie Chisholm (2022) 

Melanie Chisholm is an English pop star best known for being a member of the Spice Girls. If her name isn’t ringing a bell, you might know her as Mel C or Sporty Spice. Chisholm was once part of the best-selling girl group, and she has since been part of a few reunions in addition to her work as a solo artist. In 2022, Chisholm released a memoir detailing her life and experiences as a Spice Girl. The book provides insight into the dynamics between the girls in the group, the unique roles they all played in the creation of their music and image, and the nicknames that defined them. It also dives into Chisholm’s journey with her mental health through her fame. If you were a girl in the '90s and early-2000s, there’s a good chance you listened to and maybe even looked up to the Spice Girls. The Sporty One is an informative glimpse into what life was actually like for the group, and it is an essential read for lovers of '90s pop culture.


Happy reading!