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Selena Gomez Confirmed To Play Music Legend Linda Ronstadt In Biopic!

Written by Ashley Parham. Published: January 18 2024


It’s official! A biopic about legendary singe-songwriter Linda Ronstadt is in the works, and Selena Gomez has been cast to portray her. And honestly, Gomez is the perfect choice to play Ronstadt. The two have had the similarity of their looks compared for years, and we know Gomez is a talented singer and actress. Plus, both women are proudly of Mexican heritage and have had successful songs in both English and Spanish. The story, as well as accurate casting, is important and inspiring.


Linda Ronstadt is a Mexican-American singer who has won 11 Grammy awards. Her music is widely appreciated due to Ronstadt’s ability to span across multiple genres. She released 29 studio albums between 1968 and 2006, was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, but is also celebrated for her work in the genres of Country and Latin music. Recently, her song “Long Long Time” had a resurgence in popularity after its use in the episode of the same name in the television series “The Last of Us”. 




Younger audiences might recognize Ronstadt's voice from the theme song of the classic '80s animated film An American Tail, "Somewhere Out There", which hit #2 on the U.S. Billboard charts.




Ronstadt retired in 2011 due to health issues, so it is lovely to know that her music and story will be brought to the big screens for new generations to appreciate. She is a phenomenal artist, and her story deserves this opportunity to reach a new audience.


Ronstadt reposted the casting decision to her Instagram Stories and seems really excited to have Gomez portray her. In an interview with "Good Morning America", she called Gomez “wonderful” and “adorable” before praising her performance on “Only Murders in the Building”. 



Gomez has stated as far back as 2015 that she listens to Ronstadt’s music and has also been promoting the biopic online. She posted an Instagram story of Ronstadt’s song “Blue Bayou” back in August 2023 when the rumors of her involvement in the biopic first began. The two have only had nice things to say about each other in the past, and we love that this supportive friendship is bound to grow even more now. 



The biopic will be based around Ronstadt’s 2013 memoir Simple Dreams. Gomez posted a photo of the memoir to her Instagram Stories as a teaser on January 9, 2014. Prior to the rumors and confirmation of her role in the upcoming movie, she had also posted Ronstadt’s book Feels Like Home on January 5. Both parties also follow each other on Instagram. It is sweet to see that Gomez is doing her research to take this project seriously, and it is wonderful that the pair are already supporting each other online. No other casting decisions have been made public, but this news alone is enough for us to be excited about this project. Gomez will undoubtedly provide a lively and loving portrayal of Ronstadt!