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5 Movies That Will Get You Excited for Spring!

Written by Taylor Carter. Published: March 09 2017


After a long day bundled up in the biggest jacket you own, it’s nice to put on a movie that reminds you that the nightmare that has been Winter is almost over, and Spring is quickly closing in. Watching movies is a great way to bide your time, especially when the weather is practically begging you to stay inside. So, get comfortable and throw on one of these flower-filled, Spring films!


1.Ella Enchanted

With scenery so green and bright, this fantastical romantic movie set in the fictional kingdom of Frell, is a perfect movie to get you ready for warmer days ahead. Ella Enchanted makes the idea of bright-colored clothing and vibrant green hills look, well, enchanting! If watching a fairytale with a romantic storyline, set in a dreamy spring wonderland, doesn’t give you Spring Fever, then I’m not sure what will.




2. You’ve Got Mail

Most romantic comedies tend to occur in the Wintertime, because as we know, Christmas is arguably the most romantic time of year. However, the closing scene of  You’ve Got Mail will have you ditching your Winter romance dreams for newfound Spring love desires. The movie itself takes place over multiple seasons, but the resolution and happy ending occurs when the flowers are blooming and the sun is shining, which makes it a perfect Springtime movie.




3. Bambi

Throw it back to childhood and watch Bambi! You’ll laugh at Thumper’s spunk, cry at the Worst Scene Ever (you know which one), and enjoy the colorful fictional woodsy setting that will get you excited for floral dresses and buying flowers for no reason. Also, it might make you feel like a kid again, back in the Spring of your life! So, dust off the old VCR, or just download it online and give this classic a nostalgia-watch.




4. From Justin to Kelly

Okay, hear me out! Despite receiving some truly awful reviews and even being dubbed one of the worst movies ever made by some, this movie is still worth watching. When viewing this movie, it’s important to keep in mind this was part of Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini’s contracts when they were on "American Idol". They were not actors, and this was not a high-budget production. Take it for what it is -- a fun movie about Spring Break, featuring some cheesy songs and equally cheesy dancing. It may not become your favorite movie, but it will definitely get you pumped for a Spring Break adventure of your own.




5. Enchanted

Another movie with enchanted in the title, Enchanted is live-action fairytale that epitomizes the bright, cheery vibes that come from Springtime. To make it even more magical, it’s set in Spring in New York. The whimsical song-and-dance number in Central Park will inspire you to head down to your local park and have a picnic and twirl around among the flowers and greenery. Plus, the outfits are almost as bright and romantic as the movie itself!




Let the Spring Fever outbreak begin!


(Image Disney/YouTube)


- Taylor Carter, YH Contributing Writer