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5 (More) Celebrity Podcasts You Should Start Listening To!

06-15-2021 by Rebecca Breitfeller

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Millions of people listen to various podcasts every single day. Whether you’re into true crime, self-help, or sports, there’s a podcast out there for you! Some of our favorite podcasts just so happen to be hosted by some of our favorite stars in Hollywood. Celebrities lead such interesting lives and have wonderful connections to even more fascinating and inspiring people. So, what could be better than getting a deeper look into the mind of your favorite celebrity? We've shared a few of our favorite celebrity-hosted podcasts before, and now we are back to share 5 more!


1. Brie Larson & Jessie Ennis: “Learning Lots”

Brie Larson and Jessie Ennis are no strangers to the camera, with Brie being well-known for her role as Captain Marvel and Jessie starring in shows like "Better Call Saul" and "Mythic Quest: Raven’s Basement". The pair have been friends for over a decade and aim their podcast at exploring new topics each week, such as anxiety or leadership. They always have wonderful guests ranging from celebrities we all know and love to super exciting experts in the field of the topic at hand. Not only is it a super entertaining podcast between the two besties, but the name holds up – you will actually learn lots!


2. Gwyneth Paltrow: “The Goop Podcast”

This podcast follows Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow and long-time collaborator and CEO of LOOM Erica Chidi taking turns hosting guests to talk about all things health and wellness. The co-hosts invite guests to chat about not only deeply personal feelings but also some pretty serious topics like healthcare in America and how to heal your body from the stresses of chronic illnesses. This show is super fascinating, and if you are into self-help or self-care genres, this is for SURE the podcast for you!


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3. Dax Shepard: “Armchair Expert”

“Armchair Expert” is a weekly podcast hosted by actor Dax Shepard that discusses the truth about being human. Shepard states that there is nothing he loves more than people who can be painstakingly honest and vulnerable with the world about their struggles. As someone who has openly struggled with his sobriety, Shepard invites a new celebrity guest each week to discuss whatever is weighing on their mind in the hopes that removing the stigma around mental health and other “taboo” topics will help others. Each episode offers a totally fresh outlook on life from people in every industry, so if you are a lover of deep questions and getting to know celebrities on a greater level, this one's for you.




4. Rachel Bilson & Melinda Clarke: “Welcome to the OC, Bitches!”

This show is a little more specific but so entertaining nonetheless. The show centers around the hit show from the early-2000s, "The O.C.", as co-stars of the show and real-life friends Rachel Bilson and Melinda Clarke take trips down Memory Lane together. They break down each episode of the hit drama show and give insider tips on what was happening on set that day and who were the best guest star appearances during the 4-year run. This podcast will take you right back to 2003 and hit you with all the nostalgia!


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5. George Lopez: “OMG, Hi!” 

We all know George Lopez as the hilarious actor/comedian and now we can listen to him crack jokes on demand! Lopez is the host of “OMG, Hi!”, a podcast that invites different friends and celebrity guests to join in and discuss their line of work and some hot takes on the world. There’s a wide range of people and topics covered including Academy Award nominees and professional dog rescuers. There is without a doubt an episode made for everyone, and Lopez brings his iconic wit and sense of humor to each interview.




Celebrity podcasts are a great way to better get to know your favorite stars, learn new things, and hear from highly educated experts on topics you may not have even known about! We love all of these podcasts so much.


Happy listening!