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5 Latino Content Creators To Follow During Hispanic Heritage Month!

Written by Gabriella Pérez. Published: September 19 2023
(Zack Quin/TikTok/@zack.quin)


The Fall season is full of different festivities, like Halloween and Thanksgiving, but another special one is Hispanic Heritage Month, which is celebrated from September 15 through October 15 of each year. The cultural month is dedicated to those born of Hispanic and Latino heritage. To help celebrate the month, here are some content creators of Hispanic descent that you should follow!


1. Daus Mendoza 

If you love makeup and are looking for a new MUA to watch, Daus Mendoza is a perfect match. Mendoza is 18 years old and currently lives in L.A. where he is pursuing a career as a makeup artist. Mendoza is always trying new makeup products and challenges for his TikTok account and frequently posts vlogs on his YouTube. Mendoza often talks about his village where he was born and raised prior to moving to Los Angeles as well as using a mix of Spanish and English in his videos to address his followers and whatever he may be doing. You can check out Daus here!


2. Jess Judith

An up-and-coming content creator to follow on TikTok and Instagram is Dominican-born Jess Judith, who lives in Miami where she vlogs about her life on her TikTok and Instagram accounts. Judith is fun and full of life and a great Latina creator to watch this month. You can find her here.

@jess.judith mil gracias @Diciembre Veintinueve ♬original sound - jessica judith


3. Tony Vara

If you’re looking to be educated and to laugh, Tony Vara is a great content creator to watch this month. Vara is half-Honduran and half-Nicaraguan; however, they currently reside in Virginia. Vara uses their platform to combat misinformation about Latin-American history and current hot topics. Vara also calls their TikTok “a safe space for chismosas”, which touches on their funny personality and sharing of crazy story times. Vara is awesome if you like a little bit of both brains and beauty. You can check them out on Instagram and TikTok.

@itonyvara Breakdowns for Chismosas: a basic introduction to BRICS and what it is? #brics#chisme#chismebreakdown♬original sound - tony vara


4. Zack Quin

Moving over to the East coast, Zack Quin has you covered on life as a New York-Rican. Quin shares his life on living in New York City and being Puerto-Rican through funny point-of-view style sketches and skits. If you have a Puerto Rican friend or family member in your life, send them a Zack Quin TikTok. You can find him on Instagram and TikTok.

@zack.quin Then she goes on facebook live for an hour… #fyp#foryoupage♬original sound - Zack.quin


5. Berenice Castro

For those who love fashion, Bernice Castro is your girl. Castro is a maximalist and loves to build her outfits to be the most dazzling and full of life. Similarly to herself, Castro is bright, bubbly, and confident. Castro is always authentically herself, and she proudly shows her Mexican culture on her accounts. If you're looking for fashion inspiration, find her here

@benulus Replying to @deleted.456389 ♬original sound - Benulus


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