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4 Ethical & Sustainable Brands to Check Out This Summer!

07-20-2021 by Isabella Chirico

(Eco Eyewear/Instagram)


Sustainability matters! One of the best, and easiest, ways you can be kind to the Earth is to shop sustainably. Here are 4 brands to check out that prioritize sustainable and ethical practices!


1. Reformation – Clothing!

Reformation started out in 2009 as a small-scale vintage store in Los Angeles. Shortly after, they began making their own clothing born out of a mission to bring sustainable clothing to everyone. Now they’re an international company committed to the earth and striving to create lasting changes in fashion. Everything they make is from low-impact materials (waste which has been recycled and reclaimed or materials that are locally sourced), rescued deadstock fabrics, and repurposed vintage clothing. They’re a 100% carbon-neutral company that makes some of their clothing at their home base factory in L.A., and the rest at trusted, sustainable partner factories around the world. They also prioritize the people who work for them – the ones behind the clothes they make. Committed to transforming the unfit environments that garment workers have historically worked in, they strive to create safe, healthy, and fair working conditions for their workers. On top of all of this, their clothing is so cute you’ll want to buy everything! Graceful, fun, and enchanting are all ways one might describe their clothing. Oh, and a lot of florals. In need of a new Summer dress? Check them out!


2. ABLE – Bags, Shoes, and more!

ABLE is an ethical fashion brand based in Nashville, Tennessee that’s devoted to quality – both in the products they create and the lives they aim to benefit. They focus on employing and empowering women in a passionate effort to end poverty through investing in, educating, and training women so that they can earn a living and be happy doing it. Inspired by women they met in Ethiopia, ABLE has grown from a small business that made hand-woven scarves to a full-blown lifestyle brand that makes clothing, bags, shoes, and jewelry. On top of that, their resources are all responsibly sourced and developed alongside entrepreneurs who share their values and vision. All of their products are chic and affordable but, more importantly, have sustainability and women's empowerment in mind!


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3. Eco – Eyewear!

Everyone needs a good pair of sunglasses for the Summer, so check out Eco! Stylish, fun, and dedicated to keeping Earth clean, this NYC-based brand has made it their mission to use only recycled and biobased material when creating their frames. They also host beach clean-ups in places like New York City, California, Florida, and even Italy. All of their frames are built from ocean-retrieved plastics, and so far they’ve managed to turn more than 30 tons of recycled plastic into eyewear! They also work alongside Trees for the Future to plant a tree for every frame that’s purchased – which so far totals over 2.5 million trees. With more than 3 dozen fashionable and practical styles, you’re sure to find the right pair of sunglasses for you!


4. SiiZU – Jewelry, and more!

Buying jewelry never felt so right. SiiZU is a clothing brand with a simple philosophy: to design and deliver beautiful, high-quality products made with sustainable manufacturing practices at an affordable cost. All of their fabrics are 100% organic and eco-friendly. Dedicated to eliminating their carbon footprint from shipping materials, they go above and beyond to make sure all of their fabric manufacturers and garment factories are close to each other. Limited flying – no unnecessary pollution. When it comes to their partners, they’ve done their research and have only chosen the most trusted ones in the industry. They’ve also partnered with American Forests to give back to Earth and enable customers with the opportunity to plant new life with every purchase. With that in mind, their bold, colorful, and expressive jewelry is exactly what you need this summer!