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Our 4 Favorite Recipes From Florence Pugh's IG Cooking Show!

07-19-2021 by Gabbi Wiesehan



It’s safe to say that Florence Pugh absolutely killed it in Black Widow, just like every other film she's been in, and people are stanning after witnessing her incredible performance as Yelena Belova (as they should be). For us Florence fans who’ve been around since Day One, it was no shock that she would blow us all away with this role. Florence kills every role she takes on.


That being said, us Day One-ers especially love Florence for her skills beyond the movie set and in the kitchen. Not only can she act, but this queen is basically a 5-star chef, and she constantly graces us with the masterpiece that is “Cooking with Flo” exclusively on her Instagram stories.




Join us, won’t you, as we revisit some of our favorite archived recipes (courtesy of YouTube) shared by Amy March/Yelena Boleva/May Queen Dani herself.


1. Tzatziki

First of all, let’s hear some commotion for the apron. For our next order of business, you’ll need to get your hands on the following:


Full-fat yogurt

1 Cucumber

Olive Oil





Now, just follow along with Florence and get ready to make something delicious. You’ll be obsessed with this Tzatziki sauce and eating it with everything!




2. A Perfect Cup of Tea

I don’t even like tea, but if this tea is as perfect as Florence, I’ll down three cups before she can even put her apron on. She’s been in America long enough to realize that we have absolutely no clue how to brew good tea the right way, so y’all better listen up when she’s giving us this pearl of wisdom.




3. Pizza Dough

Side note: Florence’s apron is a Rosalind Wheeler “Save the Bees” apron. You’re welcome.


Before following along with this classic “Cooking with Flo” segment, you’ll need:


Pizza Flour

Instant Yeast






4. “Beany Fart” Salad (tastes better than it sounds)

Of all the gems hiding in the treasure chest of her Instagram stories, this “Cooking with Flo” segment is probably one of -- if not the -- best of all time. The jokes, the music, her bodysuit, and the vibes are just off-the-charts impeccable. We have truly saved the best for last. To all the girlies with irritable bowels... maybe sit this one out. It’s your call. But Flo would want you to be brave. Round up these ingredients:



1 White Onion



Rice Wine Vinegar

Olive Oil






Bon Appetit!