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14 Great Gifts For The Grad In Your Life!

Written by Ahshara Colon. Published: May 28 2023


Graduation season is finally upon us, and with graduation comes graduation gifts! Sometimes it's hard to know what to get as a graduation present, so here are some great gift ideas that your grad will definitely get use out of!


1. If your grad is a fan of humor, then they’ll definitely love this clever candle!



2. Blue Light Glasses are the best because we all spend a lot of time on computer screens, phone screens, and even television screens. One of the best ways to protect our eyes is to always have a pair of blue light glasses handy!



3. Is your grad heading to college? Well, there are definitely going to be some days when you’ll need some tea. This Electric Tea Kettle is perfect for dorm rooms and getting some tea on the go!




4. One of the most essential things in life is being on time! Gift your grad this Apple Watch that’ll help them be on time, track their exercise, and so much more!




5. If you’re not a tech person, a good ol’ fashion wristwatch is also a great way to go. This Kate Spade watch engraved with the words “Going places” is the perfect motivation for your grad!




6. Traveling through life requires a reliable bag to hold all of your most precious items and move with you on your daily adventures! This book bag is perfect for your grad as they embark on their new journey!




7. Most of us move better when we’ve got some amazing tunes playing in our ears! These Bose headphones will have your grad grateful for awesome quality headphones that they can jam to their favorite song with!




8. Glass Tupperware -- microwave safe! This set of Tupperware is perfect for your grad if they’re heading to college where they’ll definitely need some microwave-safe bowls to put their food in, so they’ll always put these to use!




9. Your grad might not entirely love school, but I’m sure they’ll want to show up in style and free of wrinkles of course! With the Nori Press, you can iron you’re clothing in no time, making sure you look your best wherever you go!




10. Being on-the-go means that sometimes you might not have time to drink your morning smoothie. This cup allows you to bring it with you to go, keeping your drink iced or hot for hours on end. 




11. Sometimes, you’ve just gotta dance, and what better way to dance than with an awesome pair of speakers? Gift these speakers to your grad and they’ll be eternally grateful!




12. Doing hair is often a stressful task, so gifting your grad this hair dryer and hot air brush will be useful and hopefully make their time more efficient!




13. Time, time, time! Sometimes it seems like there’s never enough time! With this clock, your grad can set their alarms, wirelessly charge their phone, and even get some light!




14. Finally, if your grad is a book lover, this journal is perfect for them. They can keep a list of books they borrowed from the library and write down some reviews, and there are even some prompts to help them review the book they read!




We hope you enjoyed this list of gifts for your grad and found a few things you liked! Congrats to the Class of 2023!