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10 Great Podcasts For The Girlies!

Written by Gabi Lamb. Published: May 16 2023


Who said podcasts had to be boring? Perfect for a long drive or to fall asleep to, the podcast has been steadily growing in numbers and in types of content. Here are 10 podcasts run by women, and for women, so your Hot Girl Summer can also be a Hot Girl Scholar!


1. "Our Body Politic"

Farai Chideya is the award-winning journalist in charge of this well-rounded podcast, and instead of asking what she does cover, it’s more like, what does she not cover? "Our Body Politic" is a podcast for women of color by a woman of color, and in it she tackles hot-button news questions surrounding the economy, politics, culture, and more. Chideya is well-researched and discusses important topics for all women. She also is the author of several books, including The Episodic Career andInnovating Women: The Changing Face of Technology. You can tune into "Our Body Politic" on any podcast streaming platform, and a new episode comes out each Friday.



2. "High Low with EmRata"

Emily Ratajkowski was, for a while, best-known for her modelling/acting career. That is, until her bestselling bookMy Body thrust her into the literary limelight. In "High Low", EmRata talks high and low culture; she puts stakes to pop culture by searching for its cultural meanings, while also bringing in a variety of celebrity guests such as Chloe Cherry. Her episodes are sometimes as short as 25 minutes, making it a great podcast to squeeze into a time crunch. You can listen to it twice weekly on any podcast streaming service.



3. "Her Dinero Matters"

In a world where the wage gap still is not fixed, Jen Hemphill is a crucial voice for women regaining financial power. "Her Dinero Matters" is all about helping women achieve control and therefore confidence over their money, to live more freely. The great part about "Her Dinero Matters" is that there are episodes in Spanish and English, making it more accessible for Spanish-speaking listeners. You can listen to "Her Dinero Matters" every Wednesday on your podcast streamer of choice.



4. "Binchtopia"

"Binchtopia" is a younger podcast, run by best friends and Los Angeles Gen-ZersJulia Hava and Eliza McLamb. The two, who started the podcast as roommates, discuss trendy topics with a critical bent: think "the ethics of Erewhon". It’s definitely researched but underscored with a heavy hand of comedy; their relatable voices make "Binchtopia" feel like hanging out in your smart friends’ living room. Always relevant and entertaining, "Binchtopia" is available on most podcast services with a new episode each Wednesday.



5. "Poog"

Poog spells “Goop” -- the infamous Gwyneth Paltrow wellness brand -- backwards, and it’s all about trying out different wellness trends; some, very out-there. Hosts Kate Berlant and Jacqueline Novak make a comedy out of nut milks and IV drips and the condition of the modern woman’s search for the elusive “wellness”. You can stream it on Tuesdays on virtually any podcast streamer.



6. "I Weigh with Jameela Jamil"

"I Weigh with Jameela Jamil" is a well-known podcast, and its significance in the body positivity/mental health movement cannot be understated. HostJameela Jamil is an outspoken, personal voice in tackling mental health challenges, and through her podcast, which stemmed from an Instagram post, she brings greater awareness and tools to people who are struggling or know someone who is struggling. "I Weigh" is a 21st Century podcast that gets to the heart of our modern conditions — and it sure has a lot of heart. You can stream "I Weigh" on any podcast service with episodes typically released towards the end of the week.



7. "The Players' Pod"

Women in sports do not get enough attention, and "The Players’ Pod" seeks to change that. Host Kelley O’Hara is a 2-time World Cup winner and Olympic gold medalist who brings on famous women athletes to talk about their careers and the greater world of sports. It’s different from most other sports podcasts and provides a unique voice to celebrate women’s achievements. "The Players’ Pod" is available on almost any streaming service; though not continued since 2022, the 53 episodes available remain important in the world of women’s podcasts.



8. "The Receipts"

So. Much. Fun. Hosts Tolly T and Audrey andMilena Sanchez bring the realest girl talk to the table with "The Receipts". It’s part-gossip channel, part-advice column, and part-cultural critique done in a voice that sounds like hanging out with your closest girl friends. Tolly, Audrey, and Milena are delightfully unfiltered and sharply funny as they take listeners through episodes often reaching over an hour long. You can listen to "The Receipts" on Tuesdays on your streaming platform of choice.




9. "Unf*ck Your Brain"

What we all need to hear. Master Certified Confidence Coach Kara Loewentheil teaches women how to overcome self-doubt and anxiety to reach a higher self and get everything you want in life. Her refreshing optimism, alongside her intimate voice, makes "Unf*ck Your Brain" stand out in the world of motivational podcasts. Episodes also tend to clock in under 20 minutes, which is perfect for our busy ladies on a time crunch. You can "Unf*ck Your Brain" Wednesdays on any podcast streaming service.



10. "Womanica"

Founded by journalist Jenny Kaplan, award-winning "Womanica" is noteworthy as a daily podcast. Episodes clock in from 5 to 10 minutes, and each day shares the story of a significant, and often unknown, woman from history. It’s the type of podcast to listen to while doing the daily mini crossword from the New York Times, or while having morning coffee. Anyone can make under 10 minutes for these incredible women and their stories, available on your streaming platform of choice.



Happy listening!