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10 Gift Ideas for "Bridgerton" Lovers!

Written by Emma Cohen. Published: May 10 2023
(Photo: Netflix)


With the release of “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story”, it's safe to say that many of us are back in our “Bridgerton” Era. This means dreaming about lavish gowns dripping in jewels, picturing a home with golden crown molding and opulent wallpaper, or fantasizing about relaxing on a chaise lounge with a book in one hand and a teacup in the other. If you have a “Bridgerton” lover in your life -- or perhaps you just want to treat yourself -- these are gift ideas you will want to check out (and they would make the entire Ton jealous, as well as Lady Whistledown herself)! 


1. Bridgerton x Pat McGrath Makeup Collection 

Want to achieve Daphne’s perfect pout or Kate’s shimmery glow? Pat McGrath, a makeup artist icon and legend, teamed up with “Bridgerton” to create a makeup collection that is sure to make you the Diamond of the Season. Despite them being limited edition, there are still several products for you to get your hands on, like the Bell of the Ball eyeshadow palette or the Sublime Skin highlighters. 


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2. Canterbury Classics 

Eloise would be quite proud to see you with some of these timeless stories in your library. These classics have gorgeous covers in word cloud formats, with works by literary geniuses such as Jane Austen, Virginia Woolf, and the Brontë Sisters


3. Bridgerton Bee Necklace

For those of us who know the emotional significance of the bee from Aeason 2, you know that it has become somewhat of a symbol for Kate and Anthony’s love story. Not only would this dainty bee necklace make a thoughtful gift for a loved one, but it would also be an excellent everyday piece of jewelry.


4. The Republic of Tea: Exclusive Bridgerton Teas 

One thing about those from 19th-century Britain is that they were Olympic-level tea drinkers. For anyone who is looking to incorporate some more tea time into their day, The Republic of Tea has got us covered with various teas inspired by “Bridgerton” characters. There are flavors such as the Featherington Blood Orange Mimosa Tea or the Duke & Duchess Honey Breakfast Tea. Their new Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story tea collection just dropped! 


5. Art Prints of Iconic Scenes

When we say “'Bridgerton'” hand scene", your mind should immediately flash to at least two cinematic moments, or should we say pure art. Nobody captures the romance of hands better than period piece dramas, which is why these oil painting prints absolutely deserve a place on the wall. 


6. Regencycore Dresses 

Spring is in the air, and so is Regencycore (think "fancy cottagecore"). Reminiscent of the Empire silhouette or puff sleeves from the Regency Era in which “Bridgerton” takes place, the brand Selkie has so many dreamy dresses to choose from. 


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7. 19th Century-Style Tea Set

Okay, so you have your tea, but what are you going to drink it out of? This adorable Etsy shop has numerous tea cups, teapots, and tea accessories with beautiful patterns and designs, leaving you feeling like a literal Bridgerton while using them.  


8. "Bridgerton" Soundtrack on Vinyl

Hearing the orchestral cover of “Wildest Dreams” by Taylor Swift in Season 1, without a doubt, altered our brain chemistry. This vinyl is a must-have for anyone who loves the instrumental pop covers and the original score from the series. Amazon currently has vinyl from both seasons, with Season 1 being a pink-lilac vinyl and Season 2 being a sky blue vinyl. 


9. Personalized Journal

Do you have some scandalous secrets or gems of wisdom to write like Lady Whistledown? This Etsy shop owner designs the loveliest personalized journals, offering multiple floral embroideries to pick from. These pages are the perfect place to store your thoughts, and if you really want to commit, you might as well get a little feather quill pen too. 


10. The New Queen Charlotte Novel

This book should simply be a staple item in the collection of any “Bridgerton” lover. Inspired by the spinoff series, Bridgerton author Julia Quinn and "Bridgerton" executive producer Shonda Rhimes chronicle the love and politics of young Queen Charlotte and young King George in this brand-new novel. 


"Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story" is now streaming on Netlfix!