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Zoe Saldana still struggling with body changes after pregnancy

New mother Zoe Saldana is still adjusting to her post-pregnancy figure after confessing "everything" hurts and "feels uncomfortable".

The Avatar beauty gave birth to twin boys Bowie and Cy in November (14), and although she has shed most of her pregnancy pounds, she reveals there are many other aspects of her body which have yet to return to normal.

"It hurts to be in heels still," she tells UsMagazine.com. "I remember my sister telling me - she's a mom of two girls - and she'd be like, 'Zoe, you will understand when you're there'. I thought, 'I'm going to live forever, heels every day, Louboutin, here we go!' But there's something that happens to your body hormonally, and it's not just the weight that you acquire but your nerves, your muscles... Everything hurts and feels uncomfortable."

The 37 year old, who has been sharing her journey into motherhood with fans online, has adopted a more relaxed approach to regain her pre-baby figure - and she's been trying to encourage other new moms to do the same.

She continues, "You have to remind yourself that everything takes time. I feel bad for those women who are desperate and want to bounce back three months after having a baby. It's more like - 'Breastfeed! Stay home! Sleep! Your kid is only three months old, what are you going to the gym for? Catch up on f**king (TV) reruns of some sort!' I definitely took a break and trusted that my body was going to bounce back when it was ready. I never wanted to push myself."

The boys are Saldana's first children with husband Marco Perego.

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