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Zac Efron and Adam Devine woo crushes with romantic serenades

Zac Efron and Adam Devine have both used their singing talents to serenade crushes in the past.

The actors have both shown off their vocal abilities in movies such as High School Musical and Pitch Perfect, and they admitted they've used their talents in an attempt to woo their childhood sweethearts during a truth game with radio DJ Kent ‘Smallzy’ Small on Australia's Nova FM on Monday (11Jul16).

The Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates co-stars were given paddles with Yes or No on them, and they both twisted them around to display "Yes" when asked, "Have you ever serenaded someone to win their affection?"

Adam, 32, called his declaration of love "the most embarrassing moment of my life" and Zac agreed, "Me too!" before they both revealed the tapes of their humiliation are still in existence.

"I was in like ninth grade," Adam explains. "I recorded it in my parents' basement and then I put the tape in her mail box. We ended up dating for like two years but she has the tape. Chelsea... burn that tape. Get rid of it!"

Zac, 28, adds, "Dude, I did mine live... I got a guitar and stuff and stood up and serenaded somebody for their birthday." He didn't reveal further details, but added that somebody recorded his romantic gesture.

During the game, the actors gave the same responses to questions except one about body hair on women. Adam jokes he likes his women "fake" and fully plastic, while Zac reveals he likes his love interests to look natural.

Adam is reportedly dating actress Chloe Bridges, while Zac is reportedly single following his split from Sami Miro, his girlfriend of almost two years, in April (16).

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