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TV boss hopes Britney Spears will be back for more The X Factor

Britney Spears has been given a vote of confidence by a TV executive behind The X Factor amid reports she is set to exit the show.

Insiders recently suggested the pop star would not be returning for a second season as a judge on the show because producers were far from impressed with her performance, but Fox president Kevin Reilly insists he is fan.

During a press conference on Tuesday (08Jan13), he told critics he is keen to bring the singer back, but he is waiting for talks about a third season to begin when Simon Cowell returns from his winter vacation.

Reilly says, "I think Britney did a really good job. She came on, people remain fascinated by her and always will be. People got to know her a little bit, maybe some people were waiting for more drastic displays of some nature that never cameā€¦ She tucked in really nicely on that bench."

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