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Matthew McConaughey indulged in burger after movie diet ended

Matthew Mcconaughey celebrated the end of filming on Dallas Buyers Club by eating a cheeseburger because he had been on a drastic diet to play a skeletal AIDS victim in the movie.

The Magic Mike star shed 40 pounds (18.1 kilograms) for his latest role, but as soon as filming wrapped McConaughey indulged in his favourite fast-food treat.

He tells People.com, "A cheeseburger. That was it. I got the cheeseburger, and then I sat there for 25 minutes and doozied it up (ate it)."

McConaughey, who became a father for the third time late last month (Dec12), reveals he has gained 25 pounds (11.3 kilograms) since the shoot wrapped, and is nearing his ideal weight of 165 pounds (74.8 kilograms).

He adds, "I was 135 pounds, and now I'm up to 160 pounds, so I'm done with that and on my way back."

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