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Tinie Tempah boasts superstar mentors

Tinie Tempah has superstar advice on hand whenever he needs it - the British rapper counts Chris Martin and Kylie Minogue among his mentors.

The Pass Out hitmaker, who is signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation label, is preparing to release the follow-up to his 2010 hit album Disc-Overy, and he's had tips from top music experts.

He tells London's Evening Standard magazine, "Chris has been a good mentor. He rings me once in a while - (he says) 'How's it going, how's the album going? Don't rush it, make sure you play it to me before you've finished it. And when you feel like you've finished it, just make one more song...'. He's given me loads of advice. Damon (Albarn) has done that as well, and Kylie."

But Tempah admits he looked up to another artist when he was writing his music debut: "Dizzee (Rascal) is just my childhood hero. He's definitely the inspiration. He's got himself to a very good place. He's defied the expectations of what British black urban music was like."

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