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The Wanted back campaign to stamp out Internet bullying

British boyband The Wanted are backing a new campaign to stamp out online bullying.

The All Time Low hitmakers insist they felt compelled to throw their weight behind the LOLz not Trolls initiative by young person's charity vInspired to ensure their fans avoid being victimised online.

A statement from the band reads, "Through the years we have met a lot of fans, ranging from all ages around the world. It would be horrible to think that these young people are becoming the victims of trolling, or are even trolling themselves."

Harry Styles' ex-girlfriend, TV presenter Caroline Flack, who received online abuse over her relationship with the One Direction hunk, is also supporting the scheme and adds, "If someone walked up to you in the street and said 'You fat ugly s**t', that wouldn't be cool, right?

"Why should trolling be any different? I pledge never to troll, why don't you join me?"

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