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Mila Kunis' career comes full circle with Oz the Great and Powerful

Mila Kunis' acting career has come full circle - she played a witch in an elementary school production of The Wizard Of Oz nearly two decades before starring in the movie's prequel.

The 29 year old, who attended Rosewood Elementary School in Los Angeles, portrayed Glinda the Good Witch in a classroom recreation of the 1939 fantasy epic when she was a young girl.

She has since been landed a role in Sam Raimi's new Hollywood movie Oz the Great and Powerful - and Kunis was delighted to be given the chance to star alongside Michelle Williams and Rachel Weisz as Theodora, one of the three witches.

The Ukrainian-born beauty tells talk show host Conan O'Brien, "The first book that I read, that was like a full-length book in English, was Return to Oz. And the first movie that I remember seeing was Wizard of Oz... Then get this, I realized while doing this press (for this movie), that I was in the Wizard of Oz play in fourth grade and just completely forgot about it. So somewhere there is footage of me being the understudy to Glinda the Good Witch."

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