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The Game scares kids off tattoos

Written by . Published: August 22 2011

Rapper The Game is trying to scare his young kids off the idea of getting a tattoo by warning them their skin will "melt" if they go under the needle.

The hip-hop star, who has a variety of skin art designs all over his body, including his face, admits he has become addicted to tattoos, but he doesn't want his three children to follow in his footsteps.

So he and his girlfriend Tiffany are urging them to steer clear of tattoo parlours.

He tells Sister 2 Sister magazine, "We tell them that it hurts, and... daddy's just a superhero, so if you get tattoos your skin is gonna melt and you're gonna be burned.

"I started young, and once you got a couple, you gotta just keep going."

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