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Strawberry gig was a nightmare for Jonas Brothers

Written by . Published: August 05 2011

Joe Jonas has awful memories of an early Jonas Brothers concert at a strawberry festival in California, branding it "the most awkward gig" they ever staged.

The singing siblings released their debut album It's About Time in 2006 and took on any slot available to promote the release - but Joe admits the Sacramento fruit show ranks among his worst.

He tells Britain's Guardian, "We played a strawberry festival, where they actually judge strawberries, with taste tests and everything. It was also the most awkward gig we've ever done.

"There was hardly anyone there, and the sound cut out halfway through, and that was a little bit upsetting. We had to perform without any sound equipment."

However, there was one consolation for Jonas: "We did get asked to judge the winning strawberry as compensation for the bad sound. The winning strawberry was fantastic."

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