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Stars raise big bucks on Red Nose Day special

Stars like Julia Roberts, Sir Elton John, and Blake Shelton helped raise over $31.5 million (GBP21.5 million) for charity during this year's (16) Red Nose Day TV special.

Sir Elton and Blake performed on the show, while Julia joined celebrities like Jack Black to front films focusing on where donations would be going.

Roberts visited a school in Arizona, where all the students live below the poverty line and struggle with hunger issues, and bearded Black returned to Uganda for an update on a street kid named Felix he spent time with for last year's Red Nose Day telethon.

Happily, the youngster is now in foster care and living out his dream of attending school.

Zac Efron, Ellen DeGeneres, Tracy Morgan, Will Ferrell, Celine Dion, and Jane Lynch also appeared as part of the TV special, while stars like Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, and Minnie Driver manned phones as donors called in with pledges, and Margot Robbie and Paul Rudd appeared in comedy skits.

The Red Nose Day special launched last year (15).

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