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Jake Gyllenhaal threw ferret at Amy Schumer

Jake Gyllenhaal played a prank on Amy Schumer while filming a skit for her comedy show by throwing a live ferret at the comedienne.

The two stars paired up for a 'catfishing' segment after Amy decided it was time to come face to face with the person 'pretending' to be ferret-lover Jake online.

In the sketch, the movie star had been flirting with Amy but ducking out on a meeting with the Trainwreck star, so the funny girl called in the fake hosts of MTV show Catfish to track the imposter down - only to discover it really was Gyllenhaal, and he was a big fan.

The couple chatted as Jake held and stroked his pet ferret Falcor and a devastated Amy had to explain that she was the one lying online and she no longer had a ferret, called Margo.

She said, "I sold her so that I could afford a publicist for when I got famous on Catfish. She s**t all over the place and smelled like d**ks. I didn't even know what a ferret was; I thought it was just, like, a long gerbil!"

Jake became irate when he realized Schumer had been lying to him, screaming, "F**k you Amy, I believed in you. God, this is so f**king embarrassing... I believed in you..."

But during the outtakes that aired at the end of the show, Inside Amy Schumer, on Thursday night (26May16), Jake actually threw his ferret co-star at Amy, who shrieked as it landed in her lap and then chased Gyllenhaal.

Selena Gomez also had a cameo on the comedy show, fronting Amy's house band and she sailed through the skies in a blimp filming a TV chat show.

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