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Sia fans unhappy with Tel Aviv show file suit - report

Israeli fans of singer Sia have reportedly filed a class action lawsuit in a bid to score a massive refund following the star's less than stellar performance in Tel Aviv on Thursday (11Aug16).

A group of fans who attended the Chandelier star's Yarkon Park performance allegedly filed a suit on Monday (15Aug16), demanding a refund for the $91 (£70) they each paid for lawn tickets, stating they were disappointed with the show, according to the Jerusalem Post.

The fans claimed the singer, who disguised most of her face behind a large wig, never addressed the crowd or made reference to being in Tel Aviv, her singing felt "impersonal" and she remained near the back of the stage for the duration of the performance.

They also allege the large screens at the side of the stage, which usually show an enlarged version of the performer, played pre-recorded videos instead, leaving distant fans struggling to see what was happening onstage. The video, featuring famous faces such as Kristen Wiig and Girls star Gaby Hoffman, reportedly failed to compliment the onstage action because the sync was "imperfect" and the lighting in the footage was better than the show, according to the Post.

Fans also complained about the length of the show, which only lasted 65 minutes.

In the alleged lawsuit, filed against bosses at Tandi Productions, the company that brought Sia to Israel, the angry fans are demanding $2.1 million (£1.6 million) in compensation for all the concert's ticketholders.

Ilan Elkayam of Tandi Productions tells Iq-mag.net he is yet to receive the official claim and he believes it wasn't submitted against Sia herself.

“We wish to emphasise that the performance was extremely successful and we have received hundreds of comments from satisfied fans who thoroughly enjoyed the performance and the production,” he said.

The 40-year-old plays a string of European festivals this week (beg15Aug16) in Poland, Romania and the V Festival in the U.K. before kicking off her U.S. tour in September (16).

WENN has not yet received a response from Sia's representatives.

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