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Selena Gomez 'sensitive' to Kesha's legal battle

Selena Gomez feels for Kesha in her battle against Sony as she knows how difficult it can be to "be a woman in this business".

The TiK ToK singer has been embroiled in a legal battle with music producer Dr. Luke, who she accuses of drugging and raping her, and recently lost her bid to be released from her Sony Music recording contract with him.

A New York judge ruled the singer could not terminate the contract she signed a decade ago, despite the fact she's suing the hitmaker, claiming he sexually and emotionally abused her.

While Selena has had a career free of scandals, she has empathy for the 29-year-old singer.

"I'm very sensitive to that subject," she told BBC Music. "It's difficult to be a woman in this business, and I don't wish those situations upon anyone. but I've been very fortunate. For years, my life was Disney Channel and I had a wonderful experience. Then, after that, I had my mom with me at all times."

Selena has enjoyed a lengthy career as an actress and singer, despite being just 23 years old. She has recently released her latest album Revival, and finds it flattering that people don't realize the record is not her first.

"I've appreciated that reaction because I released my first album when I was 14," she added. "What on earth was I going to be talking about at 14? I think one of the songs on that album was called Crush. I mean, that's as intense as my emotions became!"

The pretty brunette has certainly dealt with her fair share of haters during her career, particularly during her relationship with Justin Bieber. One track on her latest record is called Kill 'Em With Kindness - and this is a motto Selena tries to abide by in daily life.

"That's my theme song for life!" she laughed. "I contemplated tattooing it on me at one point. Most of the time, people say negative things for a reaction and I can't even bear to give them the satisfaction. So there's something that I gain from feeling like I'm the bigger person, from walking away from a situation."

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