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Demi Lovato: 'Arena shows are easier than intimate ones'

Demi Lovato finds it more intimidating to perform in a small venue than a big arena.

The 23-year-old singer was just one of the stars who was interviewed in a very down-to-earth location when The Late Late Show host James Corden marked his one year anniversary of presenting the programme by making a house call for Wednesday night's show (16Mar16).

After two unsuccessful attempts to find a location to broadcast the show from, James was eventually welcomed into a house owned by Natalie, Taylor, Melodie and Adam, with #NataliesHouse quickly trending on Twitter.

Among James' celebrity guests was Demi, who was asked how it felt to swap the Grammy Awards' stage for a much more intimate location ahead of performing new track Stone Cold inside Natalie's House.

"When you're in a huge arena I feel like you just look out in the audience and it's easier in a sense than when you're in a small environment and… if you suck, the person's two feet away from you and they're looking at you like, 'You're doing a terrible job'," Demi laughed.

Demi is currently working hard promoting her upcoming co-headlining Future Now tour with Nick Jonas. Earlier on Wednesday, Demi and Nick took part in a Q&A session that was streamed live on Demi's Facebook page. One of the questions she was asked was how long she had gone on tour without having a shower, to which she answered: "I think when I was 15 or 16 - well I've just never given a f**k, but really didn't give a f**k back then – I think it was like three days."

However, Demi urged fans not to let the revelation put them off attending one of her shows, adding that this tour will "smell great because I shower now!"

Demi also recalled a hilarious incident which left her red-faced when she nearly backed into Paul McCartney's car while trying to park at Los Angeles' rehearsal space CenterStaging.

"I almost hit him (Paul McCartney) with my car," Demi cringed. "I didn't know it was him and it wasn't intentional anyways. He had his back turned and he was standing in the only open spot. I was like 'Maybe if I just inch up he'll get the hint.'"

"He turns around and was like, 'Oh, sorry'. I was like 'Oh, s**t. I almost just ran over a Beatle.'"

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