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Scarlett Johansson ignored Samuel L. Jackson's stunt warning

Scarlett Johansson ignored a warning from Samuel L. Jackson when he urged her to cut down on her movie stunts to avoid injuries.

The actress was left aching and bruised after taking part in numerous fight scenes on the set of new superhero movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier, despite her co-star Jackson's calls for a body double to do the dangerous work.

However, Johansson is adamant she needs to carry out her own stunts to in order to make the movie look real.

She says, "It's important people know that (I do my own stunts). If you just hand over to the experts when the going gets tough, I don't think you are fully embracing the part. I like doing the stunts. Oh, sure, it hurts sometimes. I came into work on Winter Soldier some days aching with bruises and bangs, and Samuel L. Jackson, my co-star, would say: 'So why not just hand over that stuff to the experts, Scarlett, and save yourself from pain?' I explained to him why I just couldn't do that. Please don't think I'm stupid, though. I know my limitations. When Natasha, my character, has to bound 20 feet in the air and do four cartwheels, it's my stunt double Heidi Moneymaker who's doing that. But that woman hanging 60 feet in the air, taking punches and throwing punches? Well, that's me."

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