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Sam Smith suffers fall in Ibiza

Sam Smith was left cut and bruised after he suffered an embarrassing fall while running away from his security guard in Ibiza.

The Stay With Me singer was playing a game of hide and seek with his security guard in a market place on the Spanish island during a vacation, and he got so involved in the chase he took a tumble in front of locals, cutting his knees and bashing his head.

"I was playing hide and seek with my security guard, which I do every now and then," he tells Britain's The Sun newspaper. "We went into the Old Town and it's got a really busy market place... I did the old, 'Catch me', then ran as fast as I could and honestly, you have never seen a fall like it in your life. Into the ground, blood on my shirt, in front of everyone.

"I cut my knees and had to change my shirt. I was a mess. I came back with a really sore head and sore knees."

Sam spent the festive season with his family in England and celebrated the New Year with a message on Instagram.com. He wrote, "2015 - best year of my life to date. To all who have shared it with me.... CHEERS love you all. Wish you were all sipping espresso martinis with me."

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