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Ryan Reynolds' phone mishap during shooting

Ryan Reynolds was left red-faced on the set of his new thriller Safe House when he forgot to turn off his cellphone during a tense scene.

He and co-star Denzel Washington were forced to re-shoot an otherwise perfect scene when the phone went off in The Proposal star's pocket.

In a rush to complete the film sequence, Ryan Reynolds forgot to switch out his real phone for a prop and the device switched into iPod mode, instantly blasting Frank Sinatra's Come Fly With Me.

Ever the professional, Denzel Washington continued on with his lines as his mortified co-star laid the blame on a fellow cast member, fearing he was as good as dead after ruining the Training Day star's monologue.

During an appearance on The Late Show With David Letterman on Wednesday (08Feb12), he said, "It was probably the most intense emotional scene in the film, and his character is supposed to reveal something to me that's quite profound, he's kind of fallen apart, he's very injured, he's sitting on the ground and I'm sitting on the ground next to him... And we went out to go shoot it... and in the movie my character has an iPhone and I also have an iPhone, and somehow they switched.

"So I'm there and he's doing this scene, it's gorgeous and I guess my bony little a** has pressed the button on the phone... and suddenly I hear, 'Come Fly With Me'... And I guess I activated the iPod on the thing.

"So there's music now playing in the scene... I want to be legally dead at this point... This is bad and I'm hearing rumblings behind the camera, people are freaking out, and Denzel just keeps going and he finishes out the scene, this gorgeous thing! And right at the end of the scene they call, 'Cut,' and you just hear everyone freak out behind the camera, 'Who the hell's cell phone is that?' Denzel looks over and goes, 'Who the hell's cell phone is that?' They all look at me and I just stand up and say, 'Who the f**k's cell phone is that? Come on!'"

And Ryan Reynolds feels sure he completed the film without Washington knowing he was a phantom phone ringer: "He doesn't know about this until just now."

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