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Russell Brand phones producer's dad during interview

Russell Brand stunned a TV crew by grabbing a technician's cell phone during an interview and calling his father for an impromptu chat.

The Get Him to the Greek star was being interviewed for TV show Access Hollywood on Tuesday (26Jun12) when he suddenly picked up a phone belonging to producer Mark Noble and dialled the pre-programmed number for Noble's father.

He then engaged in a bizarre conversation as the laughing crew looked on.

Brand told Noble, Sr., "I'm on Mark's show with Mark. I just wanted to say that Mark is doing a wonderful job here. You've raised a fine - if a little overly erotic - son. He's meeting very nice people at work... You've raised a fine young man, sir."

Brand then asked to speak to Noble's mother but was told she was asleep, prompting the Brit to end the conversation, jokingly adding, "Goodbye dad. I love you."

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