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Robbie Williams urges everyone to drink coffee and 'breed'

Robbie Williams loves fatherhood so much he wants everyone to go out and "breed".

The pop superstar has put his wild days well and truly behind him and now enjoys nothing more than spending time with his children, daughter Theodora, 3, and son Charlton, 20 months.

The Angels star, who will be touring Australia in October (16), urged everyone to follow his example and start a family in an interview during filming of a new TV ad for coffee brand Café Royal.

He revealed: "I get a cuddle from my kids, and I love you papa Teddy says, that makes my life, every time she says it every time she does something funny, my kids make my life, my kids make me happy, so breed. Go out and breed."

And he admits he has an unusual way of keeping them entertained. "You do have to keep them occupied, mind you I've captured my children and both of them have to listen to my new album all the time," he joked.

Robbie, 42, is about to return to Australian TV screens as a James Bond-esque secret agent with a love for coffee and he admits he didn't have to pretend to love the beverage for the ads which debut next month (Jul16).

In fact he confesses caffeine is the only thing that gets him moving in the morning.

"I kind of don't make any sense and the world doesn't make any sense for the first hour, and now my wife understands that. She gets it," Robbie explains flashing his famous smirk. "She doesn't ask me any questions for the first hour because nothing computes," he smiled. "And I definitely need my coffee in the morning."

The Let Me Entertain You singer plays a sharp-dressed secret agent in the ad and it's no secret he's long been a fan of the British literary and movie icon. But he urges fans not to get carried away by his debonair new image - and he's not auditioning to play Daniel Craig's replacement in the next James Bond adventure.

"I think this is as close as I'm gonna get to play James Bond...," Robbie chuckles. "This is fun and it's a short period, and I'm in and out. If you actually were James Bond, it would be quite boring!"

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