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Rihanna unveils new album artwork at gallery exhibition

Rihanna unveiled the artwork for her upcoming eighth album at a gallery exhibition for Israeli artist Roy Nachum on Wednesday night (07Sep15).

The Stay singer invited fans to the MAMA Gallery in Los Angeles to check out Roy's Braille art pieces and they were given blindfolds to feel the works, until Rihanna arrived and removed black curtains to reveal the front and back cover of the follow-up to her 2012 record Unapologetic.

"In her collaboration with Roy Nachum, Rihanna has changed the history of album art. By continuing to follow her own instincts, her work strives to make an impact by doing the very antithesis of what the public expects," a statement on the gallery wall read.

The art, which she called her "favourite" cover ever, features a childhood photograph of Rihanna holding a balloon, with her eyes covered by a gold crown. The image is splashed in red and covered with a poem by Chloe Mitchell which is written in Braille.

"He see things beyond the surface which is why I decided to collaborate with him," Rihanna said of the artist. "He really interpreted it in his own way, with exactly the message I wanted... The whole idea behind the Braille is that people who have sight are sometimes the people who are blindest (sic)."

She adds of Mitchell, "She got the spirit of what I wanted embodied in this into words... We just talked and we laughed and we drank, and this is the poem we came up with, which is If They Let Us."

The poem begins, "I sometimes fear that I am misunderstood, It is simply because what I want to say, What I need to say, won't be heard, Heard in a way I so rightfully deserve."

Rihanna's album is called Anti, but she has yet to reveal a release date for the record.

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