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Real Wolf of Wall Street giving 100 per cent of film profits to millionaires he conned

The real Wolf Of Wall Street is making sure the investors he swindled at the height of his broker days are benefiting from the success of the film - all the profits from the movie are going to them.

Jordan Belfort, who is portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in the Oscar-nominated Martin Scorsese film, served 22 months behind bars for his con-man crimes and now he's hoping the success of his biopic helps the millionaires he duped hate him a little less.

He tells Entertainment Tonight, "They're (victims) getting 100 per cent of any royalties that come from the movie... When I first sold the rights, I made money, but (I'll get) nothing going forward."

As part of his sentence, Belfort was ordered to pay back $110.4 million (GBP69 million).

He adds, "If there's one thing I'd wanna say to the victims is, 'I hope you get a lot of cheques over the next five or 10 years from this movie'."

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