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Pink hits back at trolls after sparking backlash with President Trump comment

Pink fired back at trolls on her social media pages on Tuesday (10Oct17), after a tweet about U.S. President Donald Trump sparked backlash.

The Just Give Me A Reason singer took to her Twitter page in the early hours of Tuesday to post a message about the POTUS, writing: "I’ve seen people change and turn their lives around. There’s still hope for you @POTUS. It’s what the world needs."

She then continued her message in a second tweet, in which she encouraged Trump to focus on something other than the National Football League and its players "taking the knee" during national anthem performances.

"@POTUS you are doing a terrible job. Worse than every other job you've done terrible at. Do you seriously have time to worry about the NFL?" she tweeted.

However, her tweet didn't go down too well with some followers, one of whom accused the singer of "using Black music to become very famous". "She then shifted while s**tting on the genre that introduced her," the troll continued.

Unwilling to sit back and accept the criticism, Pink hit back: "Wait - wtf are you talking about? I’m attempting positivity and motivation b/c I’m hopeless. And now youre mad at ME?”

"I'm sorry y'all. I assumed you all knew who I am and what I stand for. Cause I have never faltered. I have always been me. I think this world needs HOPE and LOVE and POSITIVITY..."

Several Twitter followers also accused Pink of voting for Trump, with the mother-of-two responding to one of those allegations: "Hahah you're sniffing glue."

After a barrage of criticisms from other trolls, Pink then concluded her Twitter activity by writing: "I pray for love and change and light. I also pray I never become as cynical and snarky... as some of the people on my twitter feed."

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