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Paris Jackson pays lip-service tribute to Motley Crue

Paris Jackson's love of tattoos has extended to her lips.

Michael Jackson's daughter celebrated her recent 18th birthday by getting a tribute to her favourite band, Motley Crue, inked on the inside of her bottom lip.

The teen had the word 'Motley' tattooed there, and recently showed off the new look online.

Crue's drummer Tommy Lee spotted the photo and immediately responded, writing, "Omfg (Oh my f**king God)!!!! @ParisJackson you are a beautiful creature."

Thrilled Paris shot back: "Most lip tattoos are temporary and y'all have been my favorite since I was 12, so I figured why not. Glad you like!!"

The teen also celebrated her age milestone by getting tattoos to honour her late father and grandmother Katherine.

A love for tattoos runs in the family - Paris' older brother, 19-year-old Prince Jackson, also recently got inked with a tattoo of Anubis - the Egyptian god of mummification and the afterlife.

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