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Nina Dobrev and Nikki Reed star in healthcare PSA

Actresses Nina Dobrev and Nikki Reed have thrown their support behind President Barack Obama's healthcare plan in a new public service announcement (PSA).

The president's Affordable Care Act, a new law which tightens up the rules governing health insurance, has been met with scepticism by many citizens, and the new clip aims to highlight the risks of remaining uninsured ahead of the sign-up deadline on 31 March (14).

In the video, the two actresses enjoy a yoga class and a night out eating and drinking, but they fall over and injure themselves while trying to take a picture together.

The Hollywood stars highlight that without cover, such an injury could cost $20,000, reminding viewers that if they miss the deadline at the end of March they will not be be given another chance to sign up again until January 2015.

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