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Nile Rodgers defends Lady Gaga Bowie tribute

Nile Rodgers has moved to defend Lady Gaga's Grammy Awards tribute to David Bowie against fierce online criticism.

The musician and producer, who worked with the Heroes rocker on a number of musical projects, was tapped up by Gaga as musical director of her extended homage to the rock legend at Monday's (15Feb16) awards bash.

Her medley performance of David's hits divided audiences, reportedly including his son Duncan Jones, who posted a cryptic message on Twitter.com referencing the dictionary definition of the word 'gaga'.

Duncan wrote, "overexcited or irrational, typically as a result of infatuation or excessive enthusiasm; mentally confused." Damn it! What IS that word!?"

On Wednesday (16Feb16), Nile took to Twitter to answer critics of the performance, writing that he was unaffected by fan criticism and David's son's rumoured objections.

"He has a right to his feelings and opinions too. My brother's favorite works of mine are all my instrumentals," he wrote in response to one user who brought up Duncan's tweet.

Defending his relationship with the rock icon, who died last month (Jan16) aged 69, Nile wrote, "I did 4 projects with David including his BIGGEST by far! I think I had an amazing relationship w (with) him."

The Chic star even referred to his and David's work together when indicating he wouldn't be taking offence to the barrage of negative opinions, writing "Don't take it so seriously. If David or I tried to listen to everyone, we'd have never finished ANYTHING!"

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