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Nicole Scherzinger wanted to be a Baywatch babe

Nicole Scherzinger embarked on an intense workout regime in a failed attempt to land a part in the new Baywatch film.

The stunning singer, 38, is known for her rock hard abs and toned arms, which she used to show off in tiny outfits as part of pop group The Pussycat Dolls.

Nicole has embarked on solo music and British TV career since the band went their separate ways, but it seems Hollywood is also beckoning for the brunette beauty.

“I probably shouldn’t say this but I started this year working out every day, motivated to get my butt in shape because I was determined I was gonna be the new Baywatch girl,” she confided to Glamour magazine. “I was hell-bent, I’m an ocean angel, I love it.”

But Nicole lost out on a part in the movie adaptation of the beloved television series to Sports Illustrated model Kelly Rohrbach, who will star alongside Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson when the film hits cinemas in 2017.

On the subject of Hollywood, Nicole spoke out in support of Jennifer Aniston, who had to deny reports she was pregnant earlier this year (16), after photos surfaced which showed her with a rounder stomach.

Nicole is totally over body shaming, and blames the trend of putting others down on celebrity and social media culture.

“We focus on too many petty, shallow things. It’s all based on reality TV and stars and looks. Our priorities are twisted. You have girls being taken in Nigeria, and that’s overshadowed by someone’s Instagram post,” she vented.

“It’s not even about being fabulous, it’s competition now. It’s ‘I want more likes, more attention, more power’. It’s diluting real talent.”

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