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Nick Cannon really loves wife's music

Mariah Carey's husband Nick Cannon has made an odd confession - he pleasures himself to his wife's music.

The TV personality has revealed he and his wife make love to her hits, and now he admits Mariah Carey's ballads help him get to grips with loneliness when she's not around.

During a radio chat with pal Howard Stern on Tuesday (11Dec12), the shock jock said, "You've admitted to me that you make love to Mariah's music and that you masturbate to her music."

And Nick Cannon wasn't there to deny the revelation, stating, "Absolutely, when she's not there... I don't light candles, but sometimes you have to be reminded of what's at home."

Nick Cannon told Howard Stern that his wife's 1993 hit Hero is most likely to get him in the right mood.

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