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Niall Horan to let Rory McIlroy sing at One Direction show

Irish pop star Niall Horan agreed to give golfer Rory Mcilroy a starring role at an upcoming One Direction show in return for a day out on the green at the U.S. Masters tournament.

The singer was thrilled to caddy for the world number one during the Masters Par 3 contest in Augusta, Georgia last week (ends12Apr15), and he now has to return the favour by letting McIlroy take to the stage during a concert on the boyband's tour.

McIlroy's big moment will take place during One Direction's gig at the Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts on 12 September (15).

Horan tells Golfchannel.com, "That was part of the deal. If I went on the bag (caddy) with him, he would come on stage and sing with us. He's playing in the Deutche (golf tournament) in Boston at the end of the summer and we're playing in the Gillette Stadium in Foxboro in the same week, so we going to get him up (on stage). He said if he's allowed (to) pick the song then he's going to do it."

However, when asked about McIlroy's singing abilities, Horan replies, "Apparently, he's terrible."

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