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Ne-Yo brings Christmas gifts to Florida foster home kids

Ne-Yo helped bring Christmas cheer to children in Florida on Saturday (17Dec11) by handing out presents to underprivileged kids at a local foster home.

The So Sick hitmaker jetted to the Kids House of Seminole County armed with dozens of gifts including footballs and nail polish for the tots and teens who are living at the care centre.

Greeting nearly 500 children at the group's annual holiday party, he said, "I grew up pretty much like you all. We didn't have a lot of anything... there was no silver spoon in my mouth... All you need for success is drive, passion and one person to give a damn - to give you a shot. And you have a room full of people like that."

And as a father of two, the R&B star admits the project hit close to home, telling CNN, "It's hard for me to fathom any parent that would abandon their kids for whatever reason. That doesn't compute with me."

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