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Natalie Morales hits out at photographer who snapped under her skirt

Natalie Morales has penned a long statement addressing the "sexualisation" of women after a photographer took a photo up her skirt.

The 32-year-old actress took to Twitter on Tuesday (26Sep17) slamming a member of the paparazzi for aiming his camera up the slit of her blue dress during the recent premiere of her new movie Battle of the Sexes, also starring Emma Stone and Steve Carell, in Los Angeles.

She called out the photographer for "exploiting" her with the decision to publish the photos and to end her rant, Natalie uploaded a long post making more key points about the incident.

Opening her statement by explaining her first instinct was to ignore the pictures and move on, the brunette beauty changed her mind after realizing similar scenarios "must happen to women all the time" and that it's not OK to remain silent about it.

"This photographer, not unlike the ones that wait outside of the cars female celebrities are getting out of just to purposely take pictures up their skirts, angled their camera to see up the slit of my dress. Even if they wanted to claim this was an accidental shot, they could have done what they would have done had they taken an accidental shot of their daughter’s, mother’s, or sister’s vagina: deleted it," she fumed before pointing out that the person in question sold the photos of her "private body parts" without her consent in a bid to embarrass her.

Natalie also insisted it isn't a 'celebrity' problem, and that ladies suffer judgment in sorts of situations.

"This is a problem with how we tear down women and reduce them to a sum of body parts, to be at once both sexualised and ashamed," she continued, acknowledging that it's more visible in her case as her career involves her being on a red carpet and in the public eye.

"(Women) are held to an impossible standard, where our bodies and our faces must be perfect and if for one second we are in any way human, like say, just walking around, doing our jobs - we are torn down. Well, you cannot tear me down. For the record, I was wearing underwear," the Parks and Recreation star added, concluding her post by stating no woman should be ashamed of their own bodies.

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