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Mischa Barton gets nearly naked in Noel Gallagher's new video

Former child actress-turned-TV star Mischa Barton has bared almost all in rocker Noel Gallagher's new video for Everybody's On The Run.

The Sixth Sense star plays a broken-hearted girl left stranded and nearly naked in a street when her dress gets caught in the door of a taxi driven by the former Oasis star as he speeds off.

The video follows Barton as she chases after Gallagher's cab wearing nothing but matching leopard-print bra and panties.

And it's clear the actress enjoyed her time on the video set back in April (12) - she tweeted, "Doing Noel Gallagher's video today. Was so excited i barely slept and he didn't dissapoint (sic)!"

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