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Michelle Rodriguez urges Hollywood power players to hire more female directors for blockbusters

Actress Michelle Rodriguez has taken a stand for female directors in Hollywood by calling on industry executives to take a chance on the wonder women.

Shortly after it was announced that director Michelle MacLaren had stepped down as director of the upcoming Wonder Woman film earlier this week (13Apr15), the Furious 7 star took to Twitter.com to express her dismay in the lack of female filmmakers hired to take charge of blockbusters.

She wrote, "My friend Leigh sent me this text: 'ps Gettin’ reeeeeaaal tired of female directors FINALLY being hired on for tentpoles, only to have to drop out b/c they’re not getting the respect they deserve. Only to be replaced by a dude who probably does. First Brenda Chapman on Brave, then Patty Jenkins on Thor 2, and now Michelle MacLaren on Wonder Woman'."

Two days after MacLaren's departure from Wonder Woman, it was announced that Jenkins had replaced her, but Rodriguez continued her latest social media rant, calling on male power players to hire women for their blockbuster movies.

She added, "51 per cent of the American population are women. You'd be surprised what that symbolism does Hollywood folk and their investment in the fabric of our culture. Now, finding the talented female directors with enough experience to direct a tentpole, it’s not as hard as one may think."

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