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Michael Fassbender loved living in movie lighthouse

Michael Fassbender grew so fond of the lighthouse that features in his new film The Light Between Oceans, he lived there for much of the movie.

The X-Men star wasn't initially impressed with director Derek Cianfrance's plans to use the movie location as a sleepover, but came to love the remote Marlborough, New Zealand landmark.

Filmmaker Cianfrance tells WENN, "We found a lighthouse that was appropriate for the story, but it was on this peninsula and it was an hour and 20 minutes on a dirt road to get there. I was asking these guys, 'Do we really want to drive on a dirt road in the dark for an hour and a half two times a day? No.' So we just lived there. It was a gift.

"Michael said, 'We'll give it one night, right? Maybe two'. And then it was like, 'OK, let's do one more night' and then pretty soon it was like, 'Do we have to leave?'"

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