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Michael Caine left starstruck by Calista Flockhart

Veteran actor Sir Michael Caine has only been left starstruck by two famous faces in his life - Frank Sinatra and Calista Flockhart.

The British icon's career in entertainment spans more than six decades, but in all the interactions with fellow celebrities over the years, he has only been rendered speechless by one music legend and one actress from his favorite TV program.

He tells the U.K.'s Daily Express, "With Sinatra, we were traveling in a private jet across America in the 1970s after the success of Get Carter. I sudden realized who I was with and shut up.

"He asked me what was wrong. I said, 'It is unbelievable for me to be sitting here with you,' and he said, 'When I first came to Hollywood in 1938 I found myself with my hero Ronald Colman and just lost my voice altogether."

Caine revealed that the other odd meeting was with someone fans would not expect the Oscar winner to be at a loss of words over.

He continues, "With Calista, I was a big fan of her TV show Ally McBeal. We were at the Golden Globe awards in Los Angeles and she suddenly waved. I looked behind my chair, wondering if it was for somebody else.

"So there's me acting like Joe Soap because I always feel such an idiot if I wave back and it's not me they are waving at. I came over all shy. I swear I even blushed."

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