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Meek Mill challenges 50 Cent to match $50,000 water donation to end social media feud

Meek Mill has moved to end his online feud with 50 Cent by calling on the In Da Club star to match his $50,000 donation to buy bottled water for Michigan residents affected by contaminated water systems.

The two rap rivals traded shots on social media over the weekend (16-17Jan16) after Meek released the track Gave Em Hope, on which he poked fun at 50 for filing for bankruptcy last year (15).

50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, responded to the jab by posting a photo of Meek's face in a poop emoji and dragging his girlfriend, Nicki Minaj, into the dispute.

"Hey s**thead, your career is already over," he captioned the image. "you better focus on geting (sic) Nicki pregnant so you can at least get child support girl."

He went on to call Meek "Hip Hop's first retarded MC", leading the Ima Boss rapper to reply by branding his chart rival "broke" and "miserable", before 50 published a mocked-up obituary for Meek.

"Meek Mill pass (sic) Sunday after a long battle of taking L's (losses) from 50 Cent of G-Unit..." the Instagram post read. "He will not be greatly miss... (sic)".

The childish back and forth prompted one Twitter user, under the handle @RaspyRawls, to urge the two stars to put their free time to better use and offer up a donation to locals in Flint, who haven't had safe fluids to drink since 2014, when officials decided to start drawing water from the local Flint River - but failed to properly treat it.

Taking to Twitter on Monday (18Jan16), @RaspyRawls wrote, "Somebody tell @MeekMill & @50cent the ppl (people) in #Flint #Michigan could use some water.. Their lives depending on it.. (sic) #DontWasteEachOthersTime".

The message inspired Meek to offer up $50,000-worth of bottled water - and he then challenged 50 to do the same.

"I got 50k to donate to waters (sic)...," Meek replied. "Let's see if we can have @50cent match me! I'm pretty sure "flint" supported us! (Management representatives at) Roc nation will purchase for me and ship!"

He also extended the challenge to other artists, adding, "Not even just him all entertainers!", confessing he was done feuding with 50 because, "I ain't (sic) got the (time) posting memes and s**t..."

Meek isn't the first celebrity to offer support to Flint residents - over the weekend it was revealed pop superstar Cher has organized to have more than 180,000 bottles of water shipped to the local Food Bank of Eastern Michigan on Wednesday (20Jan16) for distribution to the community.

President Barack Obama recently signed an emergency declaration clearing the way for federal aid to help tackle the water contamination crisis.

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