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Matthew McConaughey cracked his tooth after winning his Oscar

Actor Matthew Mcconaughey thought God was playing a joke on him after he cracked his front tooth following his Oscar win earlier this year (14).

The Dallas Buyers Club star celebrated his triumph at the 2014 Academy Awards at a steakhouse with his family after the prizegiving event, but he left the restaurant with a new look.

He explains, "I love rib eyes on a bone and so I said, 'This time I'm eating them with my hands'. It was great until the second rib eye and all of a sudden I snapped my tooth. I was like, 'Oh, G-O-D you're playing a joke on me'. I was so glad I didn't go to the steak restaurant before (the Oscars)."

McConaughey's magical year ended as it began, with Oscars buzz for his new movie Interstellar and a huge honor - the actor unveiled his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday (17Nov14).

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