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Matt Bomer felt strong connection to Hollywood icon Montgomery Clift

Actor Matt Bomer was drawn to screen icon Montgomery Clift as a child because they looked like siblings.

The 38-year-old has long voiced his dreams of portraying Clift onscreen and in 2013, his hopes came true as he was cast in forthcoming biopic Monty Clift.

The project, which had been due to start shooting in 2014, has since been delayed, but Bomer is still onboard and he claims he has always felt a special connection to the late legend, even though he died in 1966, 11 years before the Magic Mike star was born.

"I kind of saw myself in him," Bomer told People.com of their uncanny resemblance. "Even as a young kid - before obviously I knew anything about him, or even myself - I saw him on screen and I thought, 'Oh wow, he actually looks a lot like my brother.'"

However, Bomer claims he became captivated by Clift's personal story, away from the Hollywood spotlight, as the A Place In The Sun star struggled with his sexual orientation and fought against all odds to continue his film career after a horrific 1956 car accident which seriously damaged his good looks.

"He was one of those really early screen icons for me to start with," Bomer explained. "Then, once I learned the circumstances of his life, I realized how he was someone who did not want to be relegated to the times he lived in and was so progressive in so many ways."

"He had to deal with so many things that we don't have to deal with as much these days," he continued. "So I thought it was an important story for people to remember."

Bomer is also keen to teach younger generations about Clift, who was considered a direct competitor to Marlon Brando, and keep his legacy alive.

"It's crazy how many people I talk to, especially under 30, who don't know who Montgomery Clift is. What?" he said. "I feel like someone is responsible for letting people know how important he was - culturally, socially, but most importantly as an artist."

The screenplay for Monty Clift, which will air on cable network HBO, is still in development, but Bomer insists it will be worth the wait.

"It's a hard story to tell, which is why we haven't had his biopic yet," he continued. "But it's going great. It's in development. We're just not going to make that movie unless it's the right movie and it's told right and done right."

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