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Mariah Carey swims like a dolphin

Mariah Carey is like a dolphin when she swims.

The singing superstar’s personal trainer Bernardo Coppola has praised Mariah’s efforts when it comes to fitness, revealing she’s got real talent in the water.

Mariah's weight has yo-yoed in the past, but the 46-year-old is currently sporting a toned figure which she's been showing off on her Sweet Sweet Fantasy tour.

“Mariah loves to swim so we do lots of water aerobics. She’s a great swimmer; she’s like a dolphin, which is great as swimming is one of the best exercises to lose weight and tone up,” Bernardo smiled to Britain's Heat magazine. “It’s also great for relieving stress.”

Mariah recently celebrated her 46th birthday, and shared the occasion with fans by posting snaps on Instagram of her big day. Dubbing it her “lambaversary” in reference to her fans which she calls lambs, Mariah stunned in a sequinned number showing off her toned legs.

It’s not just swimming that Mariah has been throwing herself into; the mother-of-two is also a keen runner.

“She works out four or five times a week, and we might got for power walks or runs, or do a gym session,” the fitness expert divulged. “I have to switch things up so she doesn’t get bored. I like to do unexpected workouts, where I don’t tell her what we’re going to be doing beforehand, so it’s a surprise. She’s so focused and dedicated.”

Mariah has also overhauled her diet recently, with a source telling the publication the singer has lost two stone (12 kilograms) by eating a meal plan heavy on soup and fish. She also apparently starts her day with two raw eggs blended with full-fat milk.

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