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Louis Tomlinson: 'One Direction will go on lads holiday during hiatus'

The stars of One Direction are planning to go on a boys-only vacation during their break next year (16), according to Louis Tomlinson.

The What Makes You Beautiful singers are taking an extended hiatus in March (16) to focus on their own projects, with Liam Payne set to concentrate on his songwriting work and Louis kickstarting his own record label.

Although they are working separately during the break, Louis insists they will stay in touch, and they are even trying to book a holiday for the four of them.

"There's no doubt we'll see plenty of each other, we're gonna plan to go on a little lads' holiday," he tells U.K. show Good Morning Britain. "Actually it's just the day to day things (I'll miss), we are like a family now, so it's the company that you're used to, it's like leaving school and leaving your friends behind."

Louis also admitted he will be feeling emotional when the band plays the final gig before the hiatus in Sheffield, England on 31 October (15).

"It will definitely be emotional, once we kind of take it in for what it is, because we've spent five years touring every year and even not touring for a year next year is going to be quite bizarre... You're kind of counting down the shows now thinking, 'There's not many left', so you're really appreciating every moment, not that it's the end, but still, it's important."

He also admits the singers have yet to set a date for their comeback.

"We don't really want to put a time on it because then that puts pressure on us," he adds. "And we're just going to enjoy this time to do what we want to do."

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