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Louis Tomlinson banned from Briana Jungwirth's house - report

Louis Tomlinson has reportedly been banned from visiting Briana Jungwirth's house after he arrived to see his son with his new girlfriend.

Briana is said to be furious after the One Direction star went to pick up four-month-old Freddie with his new love, actress Danielle Campbell.

The 23-year-old has now banned Louis from coming to her house in Los Angeles, and the singer is now picking up his son from family members in a parking lot, reports British newspaper The Sun.

A family friend told the publication, "Their relationship has hit rock bottom. He is not welcome at Briana or her family's homes any more. Things are strained. Now he's picking up his son in a car park."

The 24-year-old musician is believed to be paying more than $3.2 million in child support following his fling with the L.A.-based stylist in 2015. The pair became parents to son Freddie on 21 January (16).

Louis started dating 21-year-old Danielle weeks before Briana gave birth, and the pair recently went public with its fledgling romance. She has also been spotted on a number of outings with the One Direction star and his kid.

Their new relationship has caused tension between Louis and the mother of his child, and Briana's cousin Ashley Jessica recently revealed the singer's ability to move on so quickly has affected the Jungwirth family.

"Yes, it did hurt us. But life is life," she said. "I mean, feelings are feelings and you can't help that. You love who you love - it's just bad timing. Miracles happen and Freddie is a perfect example of that. I thought the perfect situation would be that they got back together. They both thought about it and tried but that's not the way it ended up."

Louis has yet to comment on the report.

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